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Since its introduction to Australia in 1972, a distinctive Australian Simmental breed has been developed, combining high beef productivity with adaptability to Australia’s varied environmental conditions.

Australian Simmentals are white-faced, with body colour ranging from dark red to light tan and with white markings on the legs, tail and underline. Both horned and polled animals are available. The breed is noted for its quiet temperament and longevity.

The Australian Simmental is medium to large framed, featuring high fertility, fast growth rate and heavy muscling, leading to high yielding carcases with little waste fat. Cows are noted for their excellent milking ability, an important trait in producing rapid early weight gains.

Simmentals are popular for crossbreeding with both British and tropical breeds, producing even lines of moderate-sized cattle, with excellent weight for age, an ideal maturity pattern and high carcase yields.

National genetic evaluation reports and other comprehensive data are readily available.


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