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One of the first cattle breeds to reach Australia from Britain, the Shorthorn has played a prominent role in the development of the Australian cattle industry. Originally established in the temperate, more reliable rainfall areas, the breed quickly proved itself to be hardy and adaptable enough to form the basis of the large inland and northern herds.


The breed is known for attributes of marbling, reasonable growth rate, meat quality, high fertility, ease of calving and mothering ability. These traits make it ideal for crossbreeding programs. It is versatile, producing slaughter stock for most markets, from young vealer to heavyweight bullock.

Shorthorn seedstock herds are performance recorded, having BREEDPLAN EBVs in traits such as birth weight, milking, calving ease, fertility, growth and the carcase traits of marbling and yield.

The breed is numerous throughout most areas of Australia, under most climatic and environmental conditions. Shorthorns have been exported live as breeders, feeders and slaughter cattle to many markets and are commercially available in large quantities.


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