Santa Gertrudis

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The Santa Gertrudis was developed in Texas, USA from a Brahman and Shorthorn base, designed to perform well in harsh, hot and dry conditions. The breed arrived in Australia in the early 1950s, has adapted well and is now found in all states and territories.

Santa Gertrudis cattle are cherry red in colour; both horned and polled, and show a blend of both Bos indicus and Bos taurus characteristics. This is shown in the loose hide, the mobile, smooth skin and the hump in the male which are expressions of the Brahman; and in the pink pigment, red colour and beef qualities which are expressions of the Shorthorn.

The breed shows a relatively high degree of both heat and tick tolerance, easy calving, good mothering ability and an excellent milk supply. Steers can be turned off at any age depending on environment and conditions. They are noted for their weight-for-age and ability to achieve high weight gains on both natural pastures and in feedlots.

The Santa Gertrudis breed has been subjected to stringent inspection and classification since arriving in Australia, and this system has been continually monitored and upgraded to maintain high quality standards.


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