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The Limousin is an ancient breed from France. It was introduced to Australia in 1973 through semen imports and, later, purebred animals from France. It is available in Australia in large numbers.

The Limousin is a heavily muscled animal renowned for its excellent carcase qualities, the yield of meat being exceptionally high, with a minimum of fat. It is smaller than most other European breeds and matures earlier. However, when compared to most of the traditional

British breeds, it is a slow maturer and finishes at heavier weights. The Limousin is a rich gold colour, with lighter circles around the eyes and muzzle, and shading to a lighter colour on the legs. Limousins can also be black as a result of grading up from black cattle in Australia.

The majority of animals are horned although a polled strain has been developed. It is widely used for crossbreeding with traditional British breed cattle in the temperate regions and tropical breeds in northern Australia.


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