Grant Agri’s people are the core of our business, our specialist staff, and their personal international partnerships and networks, ensure Grant Agri is well placed to manage our clients needs and secure long term sustainable ESCAS approved Supply Chain Strategy and related Halal Assurance Systems.


Dato’ Muhamad Firdaus Azhar (D.I.M.P)

Managing Director

Dato’ Muhamad Firdaus (D.I.M.P) is the managing director of Grant Agri (Malaysia). He has extensive international business experience in various commodity trading – energy, agriculture and infrastructure range of industries. Upon completed his studies in the United Kingdom, Dato’ Muhamad Firdaus has gained numerous global exposure in relation to multinational working environment. To-date, he leads Grant Agri (Malaysia) towards long-term value creation and scaling the business – resilient to economic turbulence. 

Dato’ Abdul Haadi Azhar (D.I.M.P)

Chief Executive Officer

Dato’ Abdul Haadi has been with Grant Agri (Malaysia) since inception, orchestrates the business maneuver to align with the company’s national feedlot strategy. Leveraged on his broad network and associates throughout the region, Dato’ Abdul Haadi has designed and reformed a strategic plan for Grant Agri (Malaysia) to become a stimulant towards realizing the Malaysian national food security programme. 

Mohamed Zafril Mohamed Zabidin

Chief Financial Officer

The academic background in accounting coupled with the professional experience at Price Waterhouse, have generated the key strength area in financial modelling, fund sourcing, company & project valuation as well as cashflow management. In addition, as the Group CFO of Grant Agri, the professional traits have been enhanced from the various exposure in international business & managing multiple projects. The success in gaining investor confidence through the participating institution investors in Grant Agri have also contributed towards the experience in managing investor relations & expectations, as well as the exposure in complying towards listing exercise at Bursa Malaysia & public share issuance.

Siti Rohaiza Rasidi

Chief Operation Officer

Having over 15 years of experience in business development and project management services, predominantly for major public sector and GLCs clientele, in providing ICT and defense technology solutions.Laudable dedication and persona had led her to venture into the agro industry,by becoming one of the set up team member in spearheading a joint Malaysian venture in establishing a cattle feedlot farm, in collaboration with the local Indonesia’s Provincial Government in Sumatera, Indonesia.  With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is gearing towards putting on the strategic operational planning in realizing the key strategic development of food security ecosystem for GrantAgri.

Tun Puteh Nur Rabbiah Azhar

Executive Director

Tun Puteh Nur Rabbiah joined Grant Agri in early year 2015. Having to serve the Managing Director of Grant Agri since the beginning, she plays a major role assisting the Managing Director expanding the business and operates on a global platform. Besides having exceptional skills in international public relation,Tun Puteh Nur Rabbiah has developed herself to being an expert in ASEAN business coordinator.


Adi Izmar Mohd Ramzi


Adi Izmar is the Chief Information Office of Grant Agri (Malaysia). With 4 years exposure in E-Commerce, he is an expert in terms of strategizing, digital marketing and system integration of E-Commerce. He served in service line for 5 years mostly focusing on clients based in North and Latin American region. Adi has also involved in a global project focusing on data migration and consolidating clients’ information into one single platform. 


Amir Raqim Azmir Din


Amir Raqim is the Senior Manager of E-Commerce operation. He has spent the last 8 years in E-Commerce industry where during the time, he is already an expert in terms of digital marketing, mainly focusing on social media and search engine platforms. He has also served as a mentor in global E-Commerce community where he has developed a network in terms of product sourcing. He is also the master of art in developing E-Commerce systems & Web Design



Colin Grant BA (Sc.App.Ag), JP, OLJ

Founder & Project Director

Colin has over 25 years experience in Agriculture and Finance, having developed international projects related to Food Security in Africa, the Indian Ocean Rim and the Asia Pacific Region.

Colin has been involved in the cattle industry his entire working life, and currently owns a family cattle farm in the Upper Hunter region of NSW, Australia. A professional director, Colin has held numerous posts in both private and public companies, including as a former Vice President of the Macquarie Rural Advisory Service, Australian Federal Department of Agricultural, Fisheries and Forestry. Colin holds a Bachelor of Applied Science, Agriculture, a Justice of the Peace and is an Officer of the Order of St Lazarus


Kate Grant BA (Sc.App.Ag)

Director – Grant Agri (AUS)

Kate has worked predominantly in the public sector, being the former liaison officer and parliamentary secretary for the Minister of Education in the NSW State Parliament.
Following her work in parliament, Kate was the employment coordinator for Western NSW community based education and training.

Kate has worked in the Australian Meat and Livestock industry for over 20 years, being a sixth generation farmer. She has held various positions within industry bodies including the MLA and the Rural Assistance Authority and holds a Australian Non-Packer Meat Export License.


Scott McCreery MEng, BA Hons Oxon


Scott is a professional director that has held senior global positions with many of the worlds top banks. A graduate of Oxford University, Scott is considered an expert in foreign exchange, derivatives and related commodities.

Between 2007-2008 Scott was Head of Asia FX Derivatives for Lehman Brothers, resigning just before the Global Financial Crisis. Scott was head hunted by Lehman Brothers from Citibank where he was Global Head of Currency.

Scott has a capacity to intuit the relationships between different sections of the market, making him a valuable contributor to the strategic development of Grant Agri.


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