Dato' Muhamad Firdaus Azhar (D.I.M.P)


“We wish to offer our sincerest thanks for the tremendous cooperation and overwhelming support that Grant Agri (Malaysia) from all of our business partners, customers and suppliers. It means a lot to us to be able to conduct our day-to-day business, with a smile of eagerness and satisfaction.

At Grant Agri (Malaysia) we strive to not only do good business with great returns but also to develop people that care for others, the environment and the world that we live in. “Do good, be great” would be an apt mantra that fires up the people of Grant Agri. Core to this definition is the conviction that each of us has to treat the other person; with the highest respect and care in whatever context the relationship is.

In this spirit, we at Grant Agri strive to dedicate our efforts and energy towards the following results:

(1) Sustainable strategy for food production facilities and businesses

(2) Environmental friendly development designed for future living

(3) Seamless technologies that make the world a better place.

We hope that the following description and illustrations would assist you to know us better.

Let’s “Do good, be great”.”

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