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Grant Agri (Malaysia) has developed a local brand for the domestic Malaysian and Halal Beef Export Market, known as “Rimaunagis”. Rimaunagis follows a traditional Malay story of the crying tiger who craved for the best cut of beef. The tiger would only eat the best cuts and protect it’s prey from others whilst it fed.

Steeped in cultural heritage, Malay mothers still to this day send their children to the local market to only buy the, time honoured, “Rimaunagis” cuts from the local butcheries.

Rimaunagis is the story of Malaysian beef, and a brand that the Muslim community has deep affinity. All beef products will be labelled under the Rimaunangis brand, including export markets. Brand strategy is an important component of the beef integration strategy

Marketing of Grant Agri’s beef cuts will be focused on traceability, sustainability and provenance, which reflects the sourcing of Australian live cattle with the assurance of best practice in halal certification.

As the current local market consists primary of frozen imports, predominantly buffalo meat from Indian, focus on a brand that provides customers with a fresh and consistent product that is halal compliant it is a key focus, and the Rimaunangis brand will differentiate Grant Agri from other competitors in market.

Grant Agri will provide customers with a selection of export quality beef cuts that will be marketed under the Rimaunangis brand. Customers will be offered a range of quality frozen beef primal and grinding beef, including;


National Halal Assurance System

Grant Agri (Malaysia) has the ability to develop a national integration system for the Government under an Anchor Agreement to ensure that all beef production is conducted under a Halal Assurance System. Grant Agri will provide;

Small-Farmer Aggregation

Utilizing Satellite Feedlots, Grant Agri (Malaysia) works collaboratively with local farmers. Satellite Farmers would be invited by Grant Agri (Malaysia) and the Government to join the collected Beef Aggregation. Grant Agri (Malaysia) would then supply cattle and management support to each Satellite Farm.


In conjunction with the Australian Federal Government, Grant Agri has training and development programs that it would run with local farmers aggregated under it supply chain. Forming part of Grant Agri’s ESCAS requirements, Grant Agri is responsible for the assurance of animals in it’s supply chain. A National Cattle Handling and Management training program is already available for integration and will train farmers to meet OIE Standards. Furthermore, in co-operation with the DVS, extension programs can be developed to train farmers in nutrition systems, feedlot management and best practice systems in agriculture. Grant Agri’s program would be conducted in local communities and farmers would receive an accreditation or achievement certificate allowing their Satellite Feedlots to be certified as Halal Assured.

On-going support would be provided to the farmers to ensure the standards are constantly upheld.